What is this?

Tea is a hard thing to understand. You think you know it and then you don't. The

project started as a way for me to document my experiences as I begun to learn the wild world of puer and other specialty teas.

I created this for a handful of reasons:

  1. The English-speaking world of specialty tea has disjoint information, therefore making it difficult to piece together and understand the effects of things like terroir without buying thousands of dollars of tea.
  2. To automatically sort teas by my preference without having to think about what my favorites are. And furthermore, to discover trends in the data to form meaningful relationships between different metrics of a tea and the subsequent experience of drinking it.
  3. I'm bad at keeping a handwritten journal.
  4. This justifies buying and trying more tea than I should.

From there, it's evolved into an open source project that I've made freely available to the world. I encourage you to suggest new features or report bugs on the project's repository.